Site offices should be well planned and better executed constructions. There are two leading options available for this kind of creations like the temporary ones and the fixed ones. We provide both of them.


The types of construction offices

Modular site offices are the core competence of ours. The instant offices and the stores are the options for living offices and the superior quality materials are making the production process more effective and impressive. In case of fixed construction we offer a planned structure that can make the office environment pleasant and perfectly suitable for the staffs to work. Various partitions and toilets are also available in these kinds of permanent offices.

What we create?

We create a full line of insulated panel with wall cladding and roofing sheets. The PUF, Glass Wool and Rock Mineral Wools are also used to enhance the attraction of the office structure. Cold rooms and sound insulated rooms are also offered at demands. The container kind of modular sites are also created by us. To get the best idea of our offering, just get connected to any of our dealers who are located at almost all the states of India and have a unique and pleasant view of the same.

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