The North American style of living for the Cowboys is back again with the latest modern touch. The Bunk House is mainly created for the isolated areas and people who are living far from the township. We therefore create these structures with utmost care and concern. We also offer wider range of Bunk Houses like the Family Accommodation, single person living, complete Site Camp, Entertaining rooms and also the Kitchens as per the requirement and demands of the clients. Faultless construction and unique planning are the core features of our company and we maintain the level for all of our orders.


The Quality work

ISO quality also is maintained by us that enhances the reliability of our structure for the clients. The earthquake proof and waterproof Bunk houses are the latest offers from our site. To get more of the facilities and details about Bunkhouse, just drop down your queries which in turn will be satisfied

Don’t forget us

So, just remember the name of Alliance Porta Cabin for any of your queries or order regarding to Bunkhouse and enjoy the most reliable and quality conscious results from us. Hope to have better dealing with you after introducing our potential.

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